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The Orange County Attorneys Association (OCAA) is the sole entity recognized by the Orange County Board of Supervisors to bargain for and represent attorney in the offices of District Attorney, Child Support Services, Public Defender, Alternate Defender, Associate Defender and County Counsel.

We currently represent almost 500 attorneys employed by the County of Orange. Our membership includes attorneys from the Orange County offices of the District Attorney, County Counsel, Public Defender, Alternate Defender, Associate Defender, and Child Support Services.

Our Association was founded and is currently run by lawyers employed by the County of Orange. We are operated by volunteers from within our ranks who sacrifice a substantial amount of their own time and time away from their careers to improve the working conditions of our member employees. We provide an avenue for employees to get involved in defining and controlling their relationship with the County without fear of backlash. We invite our members to get involved. Involvement can range from becoming a member through volunteering to help the Association either with a specialized skill (computing/web) or through representation of your work group.

This web site was developed to educate and inform members and the general public about current issues affecting our Association. The site contains information about current organizing efforts, copies of our most recent publications, calendar of events and other Association news. Our home page should be a useful tool to help our members and the general public learn about our Association.

We will continually be adding to and enhancing our website.

OCAA Election Endorsement
The OCAA board strongly urges you to vote for Don Wagner in the upcoming Special Election on March 17th for the 37 th State Senate Seat. 
12 Mar 2015

Roadshows on Tentative Contract Deal
OCAA board has reached a tentative agreement with the county on a settlement of our legal actions against the county

03 Mar 2015

OCAA Membership Update - Special Election
On January 27, 2015, a special election will be held for the Board of Supervisors First District. The OCAA board is announcing our endorsement of State Senator Lou Correa
12 Jan 2015

Member Update
Health care rate charts
26 Dec 2014

OCAA Membership Update Election Results
The results are in for the 2015 OCAA Board of Directors...

04 Nov 2014



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