Member Update

Happy Holidays to everyone.

With the new year ahead and the open enrollment just behind us, we wanted to remind everyone to make sure your Health Care deduction for your County provided health insurance is correct.

The new deduction should be on your next paystub.  Attached are the charts indication the correct rates, so make sure you are paying for the insurance coverage you selected.  For those attorneys hired after May 1, 2014, you are not required to comply with the County Health Steps program, however your deduction should be as if you had complied.  Those hired before May 2014, your deduction will correspond with your compliance with the program.  The attached charts should be self-explanatory.

If you have any questions, you may find assistance through the County Employee Benefits webpage. The link to the website is also located under the LINKS tab on the OCAA website.

2015 Employee Choice HMO Health Plan Rate Table Final BG
2015 Employee Choice PPO Health Plan Rate Table Final BG