Welcome to the Orange County Attorneys Association – Political Action Committee Webpage.

The Orange County Attorneys Association – Political Action Committee (OCAA – PAC) was established to give the Association and its membership a voice in the political affairs of the county. The PAC is the political arm of the Orange County Attorneys Association.

The mission of the PAC is to support, promote and elect candidates for state, county and/or local office who are sympathetic to the Association’s goals. The PAC is non-partisan; endorsements are not made on the basis of party affiliation but on the basis of a candidate’s record, political philosophy and pledge of future action.

The objective of the PAC is to be an effective resource for this stated mission.

Membership in the PAC is strictly voluntary; OCAA members are not required to be members of the PAC. The PAC is funded through voluntary contributions made by OCAA members. This money is then used to help pay for lobbying efforts and to endorse candidates that support our agenda.  We have formed a Political Action Committee because the use of general treasury funds to support or oppose a candidate can have significant adverse tax consequences to the association

The PAC supports a number of activities:

  • Using voluntary contributions from our members, the PAC helps support political and non-political candidates from any parties who champion legislative issues that assist the Association’s membership.
  • The PAC monitors and lobbies elected officials in Orange County to make sure that legislation important to our membership receives the necessary support and that harmful legislation is defeated.
  • The PAC holds meetings with candidates for public office to evaluate their positions on issues important to our membership.
  • The PAC encourages members and their families to vote through voter registration drives.

We receive much of our information from members, family and friends familiar with particular candidates, or from the candidates themselves. If you know of a political candidate(s) (you may also submit yourself if you are running for a political office) who is deserving of our endorsement, please contact us via e-mail at ocaapac@ocaa.net and we will do the research. If the candidate(s) is selected as a worthy candidate, he or she will receive our full support, which may include Internet exposure, ‘get out the vote’ efforts, canvassing, endorsement and possibly financial support.