Information pertaining to Attorneys who are employed on a Part Time basis

The following is a copy of the proposed District Attorney guidelines for part time employment of attorneys. This proposed policy is currently being discussed by members of management and the Attorneys Association. Updates will be posted periodically to allow interested attorneys to comment on the various proposals until a final version is adopted.


Deputy District Attorney Policies and Procedures

Subject: Attorney Part-Time Job Program


The Part-time Program, hereafter referred to as the “Program”, is a privilege rather than a permanent work option. It is a temporary work arrangement that allows prosecutors to enjoy a career while still meeting the needs of their immediate families. As discussed below, this privilege may be withdrawn when deemed necessary or appropriate.

Positions in the office that are available for the Program require broad-based prosecutorial knowledge and trial experience. For these reasons, the Program is available to employees who are non-probationary D.D.A. Grade III or D.D.A. Grade IV.


The Office of the District Attorney will consider all Part-Time requests submitted by employees. The program requires an attorney to work 50% time or 40 hours per pay period. The request shall include a comprehensive plan of how the work would be accomplished. Management may modify or terminate Part-Time arrangements upon two weeks written notice to the employee(s). Unless it is specifically stated otherwise, Part-Time employees will receive benefits based on their part time status.

The term of the Program is one-year. Employees may request renewals on an annual basis.


2000-2003 Memorandum of Understanding County of Orange and the Orange County Attorney’s Association, Article III, Section 8.


Application Procedure

  1. All attorneys requesting to participate in the Part-Time program are required to complete an application form. Each request will include the following:
    1. Name of D.D.A. making the request
    2. Current D.D.A. classification (non-probationary III, or IV)
    3. Current assignment and location
    4. Date of hire
    5. Proposed starting date
    6. Proposed work schedule (days of the week, 40 hours per pay period required)
    7. Expected duration
  2. A request to enter the Program can be made at any time throughout the calendar year.
    1. A request to enter the Program can be made at any time throughout the calendar year.
    2. The District Attorney will consider:
      1. Eligibility requirements
      2. The availability of Program positions within the office which are compatible with the proposed schedule
      3. The employee’s breadth of experience
      4. Overall quality of work performed
      5. Any other relevant factors in reaching a decision.


  1. If the Program position is approved, the D.D.A. will be placed in a suitable work assignment.
    1. This may require the D.D.A. to change his or her work assignment or work location.
    2. The privilege to begin the Program schedule may be postponed until the next office assignment rotation, depending on the nature of the request and the availability of open positions.
    3. It is the responsibility of the D.D.A. to cooperate with his or her assigned Assistant District Attorney and the Senior Assistant District Attorney to finalize the exact number of hours and days which will be worked.


  1. The term of the Program is one-year, renewable annually upon written request.

Renewal Procedure

A renewal of part-time status or a return to full-time status will be dependent upon the needs of the Office and position availability.

  1. In order to remain in the Program the D.D.A. is required to submit a renewal application 60 days prior to the expiration of their existing agreement.
  2. The application for renewal will be subject to the same considerations as the initial Program application.
  3. The needs of the individual D.D.A.s regarding both the Program hours and the particular assignments will be taken into consideration at the time of renewal.
  4. The work location and assignment of the D.D.A. will also be evaluated during the renewal application procedure.
  5. As with any employee, a D.D.A.s participation in the program is subject to transfer to either a different work location or a different assignment or both at any time.

Program Termination

  1. D.D.A. may request at any time to return to full–time employment. The return to a full-time employment schedule is dependent on position availability commensurate with the D.D.A.’s skill level.
  2. The return to a full-time schedule may be postponed until the next rotation of office assignments, depending on the nature of the request, position availability, and the needs of the office.
  3. When in the best interest of the Office of the District Attorney, a D.D.A., may be returned to a full-time schedule by the District Attorney with two-week notice
  4. If the renewal application is not extended or the part-time D.D.A. is transferred to a different work location, a minimum of two-weeks notice will be given.