Family Leave

Important Issues to Always Remember When Dealing With Family Leave

According to the MOU, the following procedure as a general rule works to your best financial advantage.

Beginning with the date that you begin your leave, you have to use 192 hours of your annual leave time. This allows you to be paid and to accrue benefits.

After the use of the 192 hours, you should switch to Short Term Disability (you will need a doctor’s note stating that your medical condition necessitates STD). This allows you to accrue disability pay at 60 % of your normal rate.

While on STD you will still receive full benefits. Please see Article XIX Section 3 (b). of the Attorney Unit Memorandum of Understanding. After your doctor says you are no longer disabled,then you have a right to& employ the provisions of the California Family Rights Act. This will allow you to stay home with your child for twelve (12) weeks. During this period of time, you are not entitled to salary or benefits unless you still have annual leave time on the books.

Here are some basic points regarding Leave Without Pay:

  1. Notify DA Human Resources of Official Leave Request and the ending date. HR will change employee’s status in the system to “Authorized Leave”
  2. Obtain supervisor’s approval for the Annual Leave time off effective the day following your Official Leave of Absence ending date.
  3. During employee’s leave, supervisor must post FMLV (Family Medical Leave) for a maximum of 480 hours. This is not pay but required to be posted when an employer is authorizing leave for medical or maternity.
  4. When employee’s Official Leave ends, HR must change employee’s status in the system from a Leave of Absence to an active employee. It’s up to the supervisor to approve employee’s request to use the Annual Leave time off after the Official Leave ends.

Please contact DA Human Resources for specific paperwork needed. If you have further questions, you can contact your supervisor or Sahar at 347-8433.

For specific information on pregnancy leave, properly called short term disability, please go to the following link: Scroll down the middle of the page until you come to

Leave of Absence/Disability:

Click on this heading and hopefully this page will answer your questions about filling out forms, when and how to apply, etc. To secure your short term disability packet you will need to go the Benefits website and type in your social security number and password.You will then have to go to the link where you can print out the STD form, it is buried in your personal information page under request print material.

Benefits Overview

For additional legal information you can also go to the following link:
The Family Leave Act