OCAA now provides some special opportunities for OCAA dues paying members. The following information provides details on these special offers:

LEO Web Protect

LEO Web Protect
OCAA has partnered with LEO Web Protect to provide members a service that protects your private/personal information on the Internet. Leo Web Protect webpage to sign-up for this service: www.leowebprotect.com/ocaa

As an OCAA member, your account is free and you can only receive this valuable service if you sign-up, so visit www.leowebprotect.com/ocaa to enroll.

The process of taking your information off the web takes approximately 2-4 weeks. Don’t delay and sign up for this free service! If you have questions, LEO web has informational videos on their website: www.leowebprotect.com

Regal Movie Tickets
THIS IS A GREAT “DEAL” FOR OUR MEMBERS. Unrestricted Regal Entertainment Group movie tickets (good at Regal cinemas, United Artist theatres, and Edwards theatres) are available for purchase at only $5.00 per ticket. The calendar year annual purchase limit is 24 tickets per member, with only one-half (or twelve tickets) to be purchased in any one month.

The easiest method to purchase tickets is to mail a check payable to OCAA for the total number of tickets you desire to order (example: 12 tickets @ $5 ea. = $60). Your order should be mailed to OCAA, 600 W. Santa Ana Blvd, Suite 114-F, Santa Ana , CA 92701 . Each order must include a check payable to OCAA for the exact number of tickets you desire and a stamped return addressed envelope (your home address) so the tickets can be mailed back to you in your pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

Also, if you prefer to pick up the tickets in person, you may call OCAA and make an appointment to come into the office and purchase your tickets in person. Please allow sufficient time prior to you needing to use the tickets, as the office is staffed part-time only. Tickets can only be purchased by the OCAA member him/herself; also, even if you are an OCAA member, you cannot pick up tickets for another OCAA member.

Local and National Theme Parks and Attractions – TicketsatWork
OCAA offers its members Exclusive Employee Discounts to a variety of local and national theme parks and attractions. In addition, TicketsatWork also has discounted prices and special deals on hotels, rental cars, ski resorts, and much more.

Click on the link and it will take you to the TicketsatWork OCAA webpage where you can get these great deals TicketsatWork offers.

San Diego Zoo
Discounted tickets are available for San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to OCAA members. Click the link below to view the flyer with instructions on how to purchase tickets directly from the San Diego Zoo.

If you have any problems please contact the OCAA office for help.