OCAA February 2024 Update

OCAA Members,

Leading off with the important reminder: we have February 12 and 19 off work as holidays.

Per our new MOU, your bar fees and OCBA memberships are paid by the County. Please check with your individual Office and follow any necessary protocols to facilitate those payments. If you would like to join a specific section of OCBA, those expenses should be reimbursable through the EPRP program which is processed through OC Meter.


Pursuant to our Bylaws, your OCAA Association Board (the member elected Board of Directors) voted for the Executive Directors in their first meeting of 2024. The Executive Board are those members assigned to the roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Association Board members Vincent Marinaccio and Cyril Yu resigned from their Association Board positions. We would like to thank Vince and Cyril for their years of service and hundreds of hours of volunteer service. Pursuant to our OCAA Bylaws, the vacancies were filled by appointment of the Association board. Any vacancy shall be followed by a special election within 3 months if the appointment exceeds a 6 month period.

Matt Plunkett has been appointed to fill the seat vacated by Vince Marinaccio.
Shane Melzer has been appointed to fill the seat vacated by Cyril Yu

Your OCAA Board now consists of:

President: Nate Barrett (DA)
Vice-President: Amber Poston (PD)
Secretary: Brian Fusco (PD)
Treasurer: Sarah Rahman (DA)
Annie Rodriguez (PD)
Benjamin Russell (Alts)
Sarah Hendrickson (CoCo)
Josh Lee (CSS)
Stephanie Caughlin (DA)
Matt Plunkett (DA)
Shane Melzer (DA)


One of our own, Martine Miljanich, has submitted a renewed request for catastrophic leave. Many of you know Martine’s partner, Ben Russell, another of our own. We are informing the membership, with their permission, of the significant medical diagnosis of their newborn son, August. August was born early and spent the first 10 weeks of his life in the NICU. During that 10 week period August underwent multiple surgeries, including multiple brain surgeries. August is home now, undergoing multiple weekly medical appointments, in preparation for future surgeries. August is also undergoing therapy at home. Martine remains August’s primary caregiver, and will remain so, given the seriousness of the situation. August continues to undergo significant therapies and treatment that do not allow Martine to return to work at this time.

If you would like to donate, the form can be downloaded here:  MILJANICH CATASTROPHIC LEAVE DONATION FORM  Please complete and submit it to your payroll department. The donation period ends February 8, 2024. Our MOU now allows an annual donation of up to 8 hours of sick leave toward any cat leave request, once AL is exhausted. You may also use vacation, AL, comp or PIP to donate to cat leave requests in addition to the 8 hours of sick permitted by the MOU. Maximum donation is 24 hours total. FYI donations are anonymous, unfortunately HR will not change this policy and Martine and Ben thank you all in advance. They are truly touched by the outpouring of love and support from everyone.


We know that there have been issues getting student loan payments reimbursed through OC Meter in the DA’s office. The Financial Services department has put together a “How To” with instructions on how to submit these requests. You can find those documents on the DA Intranet under the “Admin Finance” section. Additionally, if you were previously told you needed to submit an “expense request” for authorization prior to seeking reimbursement with an expense report, that requirement has been eliminated. We hope that all of the issues surrounding reimbursements for these payments have been worked out, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to your OCAA Board members if problems persist.


You can sign up for LEO Web Protect for Free
OCAA has partnered with LEO Web Protect to provide members a service that protects your private/personal information on the Internet. Visit the Leo Web Protect webpage to sign-up for this service: www.leowebprotect.com/ocaa
As an OCAA member, your account is free and you can only receive this valuable service if you sign-up, so visit www.leowebprotect.com/ocaa to enroll.

The process of taking your information off the web takes approximately 2-4 weeks. Don’t delay and sign up for this free service! If you have questions, LEO web has informational videos on their website: www.leowebprotect.com

Use Your Time!

Finally, as a continued reminder please remember the following codes on your timecard reset at the end of the fiscal year which means it must be used no later than pay period #13 (May 31, 2023to June 13, 2023). These provisions do not rollover.

  • Attorney Unit Leave aka Snivel, formerly Attorney Leave with Pay. 24 hours a year available to Attorney III who are not on probationary status and Attorney IV and higher who were required to work hours substantially above the norm for an extended period of time (Pages ATT- 26-27 of MOU).
  • Personal Business Leave Elapsed aka PBL, 40 hours a year which is taken out of your available sick leave which can be used for any purpose. You must have the necessary hours available in your sick leave to use this time. (Page ATT- 21 of MOU).
  • School Conferences and Events (Parent Child School Leave Elapse) a parent, legal guardian, or grandparent who has custody of child enrolled in a California public or private school, kindergarten through grade 12, or in a licensed day care facility, may use up to 10 hours of PTOS to attend school conferences and events. Any activity that is sponsored, supervised, or approved by the school, school board, or child care facility is acceptable. (Page ATT- 22 of MOU)
  • Leave for Attendance at Professional Conferences an employee may request three (3) days (24 hours) Leave with pay each fiscal year for attendance at professional conferences subject to the following conditions: (1) a request made in advance in the manner prescribed by the department; (2) the conference is job related; (3) Costs connected with the conference attendance, including registration, meals, transportation and/or lodging if any, are not provided under Article IV Section 13 of the MOU; and (4) the employee’s performance is standard or above. There are limits to this provision which are found in the MOU. (Pages ATT- 31 – 32).
  • Vacation Payout (discretionary payout of either two separate increments of 60 hours each or a single payout of 120 hours from your vacation bank. As a reminder your vacation caps out at 480 hours. After 480 hours you stop accruing vacation time (Pages ATT- 36 – 37 of MOU).

For you convenience our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can be found here: OCAA MOU