OCAA LEO Web Protect

OCAA is happy to remind you that we have partnered with LEO Web Protect to provide members a service that protects your private/personal information on the Internet. Leo Web Protect webpage to sign-up for this service:  www.leowebprotect.com/ocaa

As an OCAA member, your account is free.  If you have already signed up, you will receive a refund for the portion of the service covered by OCAA (partners/spouses not included on refund).

You can only receive this valuable service if you sign-up, so please visit www.leowebprotect.com/ocaa to enroll.

Please be advised that you must provide your county identification badge and driver’s license to LEO Web.  If you do not provide this attachment your application will be delayed.

Your spouse must also provide his or her driver’s license in order for both the OCAA member and spouse to be cleaned from the internet.

The process of taking your information off the web takes approximately 2-4 weeks.  Don’t delay!  Sign up for this free service!  If you have questions please feel free to contact us.