OCBA Elections 2017

Dear OCAA Member,

The Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) elections open at 9 am Tuesday, September 12, 2017.    We have endorsed and support the election of Larisa Dinsmoor to the position of OCBA Secretary, which will advance to OCBA President in three years.

Larisa has been an attorney at the Orange County Public Defender’s Office for over eleven years.   She is the only government attorney on the OCBA Board of Directors, which represents over 7,500 attorneys in Orange County.   The OCBA Board liaises with various Orange County agencies and departments on issues affecting the judicial system and its attorneys, including judges, executives and chief operating officers.   As OCBA Secretary and ultimately President, Larisa will provide a collective voice to the issues that affect our members of almost 500 government attorneys.   She will be accessible to us and wants to know how the OCBA can better serve our members.   For more information on her, please see http://larisa4ocba.com/.

Please take the time to vote for her.  The OCBA will send you a personalized email with your individual log in credentials so you can vote on line at www.ocbar.org/vote.  Anyone with questions about logging on can call (949) 440-6700, ext. 121 for assistance.