OCAA Safety Concerns

Recently, the OCAA board was made aware of several incidents in which attorney safety was put at risk because of the lack of security in and around county buildings, parking lots and in the vicinity of the civic center. These incidents have been reported by attorneys in various offices.

In response, the OCAA board has elected a safety chair and has begun the process of evaluating the safety conditions of the different office buildings which house our attorneys. In the coming weeks the OCAA board safety chair will be contacting the county and the respective agencies in order to discuss the concerns of our members and to improve the safety and security of our workplace.

If you have any specific concerns please email OCAA (ocaa@ocaa.net) as we are trying to gather as much information as possible before contacting the county and the agencies. All emails will be kept confidential.

OCAA member safety and security is of the utmost importance and the current conditions are unacceptable and must be improved. Although not every concern can ultimately be addressed, nor every solution implemented, the board will be working tirelessly to improve the safety conditions as soon as possible.

Thank you,
OCAA Board