OCAA LEO Web Protect

OCAA Members –

Beginning tomorrow, OCAA members are encouraged to enroll in Leo Web Protect.  LEO Web Protect is a service that protects your private/personal information on the Internet.  OCAA will be paying for the OCAA member (primary) and one (1) additional add-on.  Any further additions will be paid for by the primary ($49.00 one-time fee/person).  Also, please be advised that children under the age of fifteen (15) are protected under Federal law.  Websites are collecting their information, but they are not allowed to share or sell it.

Visit the exclusive OCAA – LEO Web Protect webpage to sign-up for this service:  www.leowebprotect.com/ocaa     Once your application is completed, you will be led to a supplemental page where you may add others to your account.

If you are an existing member, when you sign up through the OCAA webpage and your status is verified, you will receive a prorated refund to either your PayPal/Intuit account or you will receive the refund via check.