OCAA January 2024 Update

OCAA Members, Happy New Year to everyone. As a reminder, we have Mondays January 1, 2024 and January 15, 2024 off work as holidays. Per our new MOU, your bar fees and OCBA memberships are paid by the County. Please … Read more

OCAA December 2023 Update

OCAA Members, Happy Holidays to everyone. As a reminder, we have Monday December 25, 2023, off work as a holiday. Also as indicated below, your leave provisions reset at the end of the fiscal year and not the calendar year. … Read more

OCAA November 2023 Update

OCAA Members, The November Update is coming early because we wanted to make sure all of you remembered to (1) vote for OCAA Executive Board Members this week and (2) complete your open enrollment. Please remember there are three (3) … Read more

OCAA October 2023 Update

OCAA Members, As we continue to move forward this year and with our new contract your OCAA Executive Board continues to fight for you and work with the County. In this update, we cover changes to OC Meter, Executive Board … Read more

OCAA September 2023 Update

OCAA Members, We have two upcoming holidays for September. Labor Day is on September 4 (Monday) and Native American Day is on September 22 (Friday). Our new MOU with the salary schedule for the next three years can be found … Read more