OCAA Membership Update

Fellow OCAA members,

We wanted to again update you on the status of our litigation with the County.

First, the PERB litigation. Here there is nothing new to report. As we indicated in our previous update, the case was fully briefed before the PERB administrative law judge as of February 19. We are just waiting for a written decision. There is no requirement as to when the decision has to be made, but we hope to have it soon. As soon as we receive the decision, we will notify you.

With respect to the PEPRA writ in superior court, there is an update. One of the arguments the county is making is that if our interpretation of PEPRA is correct, PEPRA would be unconstitutional. Because the County is making that argument, the Attorney General has filed an amicus brief.

A copy of that brief is on our website (http://ocaa.net/). Once again, please do not print it out at work. In light of the AG’s brief, the hearing on our writ has been continued to May 30. We hope to have a decision that day, and we will notify you as soon as receive the decision.