OCAA Membership Update

You should have recently received at least two e-mails and a mailing from the county regarding “OC Healthy Steps: The County of Orange Wellness Program”.  This program is part of the health plan imposed on us by the county.  Since we are still under the terms of the unilateral county imposition, we are subject to this program.  If you have not reviewed the “OC Healthy Steps”, you can read all about it here:  http://ocgov.com/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=35476

The big takeaway is that if you complete the three program steps, the county will continue to pay the same percentage of your healthcare premiums in 2015.  If you do not complete all three steps, the county will pay 5% less toward your healthcare premiums in 2015 and your paychecks will be smaller.

You may be wondering why we, after defeating the county in PERB, are still under the imposed county terms.  It is because the county has chosen to appeal the PERB decision and the terms of the imposition are in effect until final resolution.

If you decide to not complete the three program steps, you will pay around 5% more in healthcare premiums in 2015 than your colleagues that do complete the three steps.  If and when the PERB decision is final, you may recover your losses from the county (with 7% interest).  Although confident, we cannot guarantee the result of the appellate process.   Because damages may be calculated and recovered in the future, the probability of obtaining a temporary restraining order is low.  We are, however, drafting a letter to the county requesting that they exempt our bargaining unit from the requirements of “OC Healthy Steps” until final resolution on our lawsuits.  We will immediately advise you if and when we hear back.

If you decide to complete the three program steps, we are recommending that you  DO NOT  initial the e-mail waiver on page 2 of the Biometric Health Screening Confirmation Form.