Board of Directors Election Results

Membership Update Election Results

The Elections for the 2016 OCAA Board of Directors has now been completed and the two newest elected members to the OCAA Board are: Kelly Rozek – Alt Public Defender’s Office and Rahul Gupta – District Attorney’s Office.  Congratulations to both Kelly and Rahul for their election to the Board.  They will be beginning their two year terms on January 1, 2016.  There is one vacant seat on the Board from the District Attorney’s Office and one of the first duties of the new Board will be to select a representative from the DA’s Office to fill that seat on the Board.

The following is the 2016 OCAA Board of Directors:

Constance Bailey – CSS
Mena Guirguis – DA
Richard Carmona – PD
Beth Costello – DA
Lee Gabriel – PD
Rahul Gupta – DA
Wendy Phillips – CoCo
Kelly Rozek – Alt PD
Michael Soto – PD
Scott Van Camp – PD
vacant – DA