Message from former OCAA President Larry Yellin

Message from former OCAA President Larry Yellin…


As we move through our careers here at the County, we can sometime forget to plan ahead. While we are fortunate to have a pension plan as part of our benefits package, and it is only one piece of a successful financial future.  Tom Cassidy and Eileen Rice are financial advisors at Pacific Advisors who have a unique insight and are able to help their clients with so much more than just the numbers. Retirement planning is just a part of their practice, as they also help individuals and families on:

  • protecting and preserving assets and income
  • creating efficiencies for cash flow
  • helping bring clarity to goals and then developing strategies to achieve them

My wife and I knew Tom from our daughters’ softball league and serendipitously reconnected and took the meeting. We can both tell you how glad we are that we did. We encourage you to reach out to Tom to learn more about how Eileen and him might be able to bring value to you. If you like, you can send me your contact information and I can forward it to them. You can also call Tom yourself at his number: 949-280-7263.  Even if you think you are in good shape, it costs nothing (literally, there is no charge) to get a second opinion, and it may be one of the best calls you ever make.