OCBA Elections 2017

Dear OCAA Member, The Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) elections open at 9 am Tuesday, September 12, 2017.    We have endorsed and support the election of Larisa Dinsmoor to the position of OCBA Secretary, which will advance to OCBA President … Read more

OCERS FY 2017-2018 Retirement Benefits

OCAA Members We wanted to inform you that as is customary at the start of the fiscal year, OCERS is implementing new contribution rates for retirement benefits. Attached for your review is a chart reflecting the contribution rates for fiscal year … Read more

OCAA Volunteer Opportunity — Bylaws Committee

OCAA Members: The OCAA Board of Directors is requesting volunteers to participate on an OCAA Bylaws Committee. An attorney from each department (DA, PD/Alts/Assoc, CSS, County Counsel) along with select current Board members will form a committee to study and … Read more

Letter from OCAA to DOJ

Letter from OCAA to DOJ re: DOJ investigation of the DA’s Office: Response to Jan. 19, 2017 first request of DOJ

2017 OCAA Board of Directors Election Results

The recent election held for the 2017 Orange County Attorneys Association Board of Directors has now concluded and the results of the election are as follows:   Child Support Services:  Nancy Kasch County Counsel:  Wendy Phillips Public Defender:  Scott Van Camp … Read more